Saturday, 1 November 2014

We departed Windsor on Thursday after a slight delay. We had to see Dylan off to school one last time and crossed the border about ten in the morning. Our first stop was to Woolf Aircraft to pick up some pre bent 321 stainless elbows for the new engines exhaust crossover. I knew that it was one exit off of the I-94/I-275 exit but seeing as it had been six years since I was last there I chose the wrong direction but with a little help from Jeanne insisting that I ask someone… the guy at the gas station googled the location and we got our parts and were soon off heading down the highway. Next stop, North Carolina at Janice and Greg’s new mountain top home.

The last part of the drive was through the mountains along some winding twisty roads. The sign said speed limit of 50 but we were doing mainly 30mph in the dark along the “you better pay attention” roads. Greg met us at the turnoff for their road and led us up the gravel switchback access road to their place. In the morning the view was spectacular making the drive up the mountain worth the effort. Even seeing it start to snow Friday night was not such a hardship especially knowing that we’d gotten south ahead of the winter storm watch for Friday night.

So now with the wood stove fired up all is well as we take a break before the last part of our drive to Green Cove and the beckoning boat. Even last nights inch of snow doesn't bother us with Greg whipping up a pot of chili.